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Soap and Sensibility

There has never been a better time then the present to discuss soap.

You may or may not know a person in your life who has an inexplicable love for soap. The undersigned is one of those persons. Ever since I was a child I learnt that soap is a staple in ones household. Not only for its primary purpose of course, but to also tuck in drawers to provide a soft fragrance to precious articles of clothing. Years on, soap has become an essential purchase during my travels, a souvenir of sorts. I have since garnered a few triple milled favourites and staple brands that I always like to keep at hand. I keep mine stored in this ikea basket.

Nesti Dante

I first came across the brand while in Milan. Founded by Dante Nesti in 1947 in Florence this has become my favorite brand. The company produces fruity, floral, and city inspired scents in beautiful single packing and also in gift set formats. I always pick one up (or two really) when visiting Eataly. They are also available on Walmart.com.

Claus Porto

Where do I begin? Yet another favourite of mine, this company produces extraordinary scents. Established in Portugal by German founders, it has been around for over a century, and if that is not testament enough to this marvellous brand I don't know what else could be. The soap come in three different sizes, the miniature one is perfect for travelling or to try out different scents and determine ones favourites. Mine are the Chic Tulip, Tuberose and Madrigal, but then again I haven't yet tried all of them. Their hand creams are one of my favourites too. I recently visited their New York store on Elizabeth Street and had such a great experience there, the staff being absolutely fantastic. Claus Porto is also available on Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.


One of the more recently founded brands, Castelbel was founded in 2000 in Portugal and later on also added home fragrances to their production line. They boast a multitude of scents, pretty packing and are budget friendly. Available at WorldMarket.

Roger Gallet

I discovered this brand during my pharmacy runs in France. French pharmacies are treasure troves of beauty and skincare and amongst any French's favourites you will always find Roger Gallet. The company was founded in Paris in 1862 on the infamous Rue Saint Honoré. Opening the wrapper of a new soap feels like a treat. Fleur De Figuer and Fleur D'Osmanthus have now been a staple for years in my household. The brand is available at Zitomer and also on Walmart.com.

Addison and Gates

I came across this brand whilst browsing a World Market store. The multitude of different packing caught my eye and the same scent is often presented in different packing, so you're sure to find a packaging you'll like. These are budget friendly and plenty of scents are available seasonally.

Lollia, L'Occitane, Crabtree and Evelyn, Jo Malone

I'm always on the hunt for new brands to try, soap wise, and these are a few single ones I currently have in my stash.

I recently discovered Lollia's fantastic hand creams and so was intrigued by their soap.

L'Occitane, Jo Malone and Crabtree and Evelyn are favourites of mine in terms of skincare and scents.

I cannot seem to part with my L'Occitane Cinnamon and Orange soap. They no longer make this and it had been my favourite for a while during Fall, so I'm trying to hold onto it and hoping the scent someday makes a com

e back. The lavender scent is a great alternative and so are the Arlésienne and Cherry Blossom soaps.

Jo Malone's English Pear and Freesia range is simply fantastic and makes for perfect gifts.

Crabtree and Evelyn, sadly no longer produce the same product they used to a while ago.

When I first learnt about the re branding I made a dash to every Franks outlet that stocked the brand on the Island and got my hands on what I could, mostly hand creams as they are my favourites. A true panic buy. Luckily, however inventory is still available through Walmart.com.

There are so many other brands I want to delve in. Do you have any favourites and recommendations? Let me know.

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