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Build-A-Bar: The Equipment

Every bar, no matter how small, requires appropriate tools to operate.

1. The Shaker/Strainer

I found this gem on Amazon. It's incredibly well made, inexpensive and very practical as it also eliminated the need for a strainer for the time being since it's incorporated within it. It's no longer available but this one is similar, and I love this one and this one as well.

2. The Japanese Jigger

Pretty essential to measure parts, is inexpensive and is available in different sizes. Mine is a souvenir of sorts from french kitchenware store Alice Delice. I love this copper one and this bell shape one.

The Mixing Spoon

I got mine on Amazon and have used it several times already to stir in highballs.


Old Fashioned

I got this crystal decanter and old fashioned glasses years ago and unless someone drops it I know it's something that was worth investing in as I'll have it for a lifetime. I don't do whiskey so I use mine for sherry. I love this one and this one. This one is budget friendly but is made of crystalline. These glasses are also crystalline but budget friendly.

I've had them setup on this nickel tray which I found at Fabulous Home years ago.

Other trays I like here, here, here and here.

Collins Glasses or Highballs

I have the Marquis by Waterford Brady set and can most certainly recommend it. Again, they are crystalline but do the job.

Martini Glasses

These are the ones I'm missing. I have my eyes set on these coupes but also love these.

Mixing Glass

Another item I have yet to get is the mixing glass. I love the look of this one.

Mixology Books

I mostly refer to Make Mine a Martini by Kay Plunkett-Hogge which I've had for years but the following books are on my radar:

What do you find using often when serving drinks?

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