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Adapting to a Quarantine

It's been over a month since I left my little Studio and I haven't lost my marbles just yet and chances are I won't. The reason? I'm an introvert and a homebody and so I don't see being confined in as a punishment but look at it differently. I would very much enjoy the outdoors and my routine but staying in is the least we can all do and truth be told, it's a relatively simple thing one can do for your ones own community.

Being confined indoors is challenging but it is daunting to see how many people are struggling to stay in their own home, even in the first few days.

Nothing about this situation is normal, but it has become our new normal and for the time being we need to adapt.

Changing Perception

Habits are very hard to break and until one adjusts, change is hard. The quicker you change your perception the easier it will be to adapt. We've all yearned for time at home when we were inundated with work, social events and other obligations. Now it is time to relish in this time at home.

Enjoying Your Own Company

I understand that this may be harder for people who live on their own. Thankfully we live in an age when we can Zoom to friends and family any day. Take this opportunity to spend time with your self, your own thoughts and your dreams. Make plans for your future. If not now when will you have enough time to do so?

Setting a Routine

I'm guilty as charged. I hadn't set a routine and ended up waking up late and sleeping in the early hours of the morning. Setting up a routine to waking up early and getting ready for the day helped. Adapt this according to your needs. On most days I'm still donning my 'day pyjamas', taking this opportunity to be as comfortable during the day as I can. Staying at home all day can easily blur the lines of your usual tasks, so adapt a new routine that makes you still work efficiently.

Separating Your Working Area

Designating a working area in your home is the best option. However this may not be the reality for all of us. As we are adapting to a new reality one can adapt a new working space as well. If you must work on your dining table, coffee table or anywhere else you deem fit, keep it neat and clear it out by the end of the day. It may seems futile but if you're living in smaller spaces it is essential to differentiate working and recreational space. The longer the isolation will linger, the more clutter you are bound to accumulate. Keep everything in check.

My desk setup, right after I gave up on my poor orchid

Time Blocking

Whilst at home it's easy to get distracted and end up doing one task and forgoing another.

Time block at the beginning of your day, giving your self multiple breaks to ensure you truly do keep to your task at hand. Think of those breaks as a reward once a task is completed. I use the phone's notes app checklist to keep track of daily tasks.

Planing Your Meals Ahead

Frequent snacking has now become a personal habit more than ever. Being to a close proximity to a refrigerator surely doesn't help. I'm not one to advocate to stock up on healthy snacks exclusively, as I know I need my comfort snacks daily (mostly Lindt chocolate bars). I recommended baking your own treats if supplies are available. Despite the calories, at least you are consuming a better version of processed foods and copious amounts of refined sugar.

Pasta has been my go to meal, simply because of its ease of availability (for the time being at least). And with fresh produce not being easily available for delivery right now, it looks like it will be my staple during this isolation. Without the possibility to work off those carbs the only way to deal with it is trying to avoid eating enough for two.

Planning my meals ahead aids in avoiding going for heavy comforting foods all the time.

I'm currently using generic week planners to plan out meals and groceries required

Keeping yourself Entertained

Do not feel guilty binging on shows, playing games or anything else that takes your fancy. It's a time to seek comfort and if any entertainment outlet can help with that it's fine. There will be days when you won't feel as productive as you ought to and it's ok.

Binging on the Father Brown series

Making the Most of It

Now is the time to act on any pending projects, no matter how feeble they might be, be it generic home maintenance or planning and acting on your dream projects.

This period shall pass too and life will resume. In the meantime make sure that you did your part for your Community and also for yourself by staying safe and making the most of the time you had at hand.

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