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9 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained During Isolation

With all the hours spent at home, we could all use some form of entertainment right now.

Here's what I've been doing the past weeks to beat the boredom.

1. Playing Board Games

I do enjoy board games but normally play during Winter, when it's too cold to venture outdoors. In the current situation board games are a perfect way to spend hours entertained.

I recently played The Game of Life for the first time ever and had such good fun doing so. Mine is the Marvellous Mrs Maisel edition- I do love that show!

I also picked up Cluedo, but the Downton Abbey edition of course, and have enjoyed that too!

2. Series Binge-ing

With so many subscription services available one is bound to find something to binge on. Ever the anglophile I love anything British and have recently watched several seasons of Father Brown, The English Game, Midsomer Murders, Broadchurch and have quite a few more on my list.

3. Watching Latest Releases

It truly is a comfort to watch the latest movies at home. I have a couple of movies I want to watch and will be doing so on weekends, in order to differentiate from the week days and give my week some sort of structure. So far I have Emma, Downton Abbey and Little Women on my radar.

4. Reading

My to-read pile never seems to get any smaller as I'm always getting my hands on new books I want to read. As mentioned in another post I'm currently going through The Secret Garden before the movie is released.

5. Decluttering and Organising

Now is the perfect time to Konmari your home. After being over a month indoors, I've run out of things to organise and hence a digital declutter ensued. We all avoid going through files upon files to delete old documents and photos but it's the perfect time to do so. I ended up decluttering and organising the laptop, all USBs, and all backup hard drives. I split the chore on several days in order to avoid being frustrated at such a mundane task and now it's been tackled.

6. Baking

Everyone seems to be baking banana bread right now. I personally do not like it enough to bake it so I'm baking pound cakes and scones instead. Afternoon teas are a delight and so I'm holding them as often as I can.

7. Cooking

Whilst not every meal has to be a culinary wonder savour your time cooking. I'm going through my cookbooks and trying to see which recipes we can adapt with the food we have available, but Blogs like Giallo Zafferano and other plenty of Youtube home chefs are fantastic resources to try out new recipes. Right now I'm enjoying Buon-A-Pettiti.

8. Virtual Tours and Shows

Several museums are now offering virtual tours. Here's a virtual trip to the Vatican and The Met. The Met Opera is also streaming performances on a daily basis.

Photos from our trip to the Vatican in 2014

9. Prepping Up for Easter

If you celebrate Easter and haven't yet done so, starting prepping up. Despite not being able to celebrate it as usual I'm almost done with the prep. All decor has been put up and the lunch menu is set. Now is also a great time to DIY decor. Dainty Diaries always comes up with neat crafts.

How are you keeping yourself entertained?


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